The Sprout Fund awards $130,000 to 27 projects leading a civic response to the first #100days!

Pittsburghers are setting their own agendas for the first 100 days of the new administration.
See the people and projects supported by community members and The Sprout Fund.

Selected Project Ideas

Reporting on the Effects of the New Administration

4.65K Views11 Comments

Reporting on the effects of federal policies on the Pittsburgh region, including healthcare, immigration, education, and economics.

E3: Engage, Educate, Empower

2.32K Views11 Comments

Providing training and engagement to enable young Black women and femmes to take a stand and effect local change.

Off the Street and Into the Kitchen

1.28K Views6 Comments

Getting ex-offenders off the street and into the kitchen through paid farm-to-table restaurant training.

She Runs SWPA

2.39K Views8 Comments

Empowering more women to run for local office through coalition-building, grassroots outreach, and demystification of the political process.

That’s Us

2.03K Views10 Comments

Enfranchising Allegheny County residents by establishing a network of grassroots change agents.

Irene’s Dream Luncheon

1.84K Views12 Comments

Supporting single mothers of color in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Conflict Kitchen Guest Chef Program

3.17K Views12 Comments

Opening minds and palates by bringing the food and stories of recent immigrants to greater Pittsburgh restaurants.

Two Cultures, One Me

1.76K Views8 Comments

Giving refugee teens a voice through self-exploration, artistic expression, and public outreach.

From Ignorance to Action

3.62K Views12 Comments

Spreading solidarity and respect for the Muslim and refugee experience through canvassing, education, and community-building.

Let’s Cook!

1.87K Views5 Comments

Empowering families to overcome food barriers through hands-on workshops

The Soil Superheroes

4.35K Views8 Comments

Investigating soil lead levels in Homewood through youth-led exploration and research.

Global Minds

4.69K Views11 Comments

Combatting cultural intolerance by linking high school age English language learners and native speakers.

Standing Strong Together

2.11K Views8 Comments

Equipping individuals with artmaking and engagement tools to advocate for reproductive rights.

Opening Hearts and Minds

2.03K Views9 Comments

Connecting old and new stories of immigration to encourage residents to embrace people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Repairing Youth Police Relations

900 Views7 Comments

Improving relationships between youth and police through dialogue and creative expression.

Renovating Community Bridges

2.31K Views10 Comments

Linking urban and rural communities in Western Pennsylvania through youth dialogue, exchange, and service.

The Portrait Project: Faces From Within

841 Views9 Comments

Documenting prisoner stories about systemic injustice and the lack of adequate health care at Fayette SCI.


2.12K Views7 Comments

Expressing the fears, ideas, and solutions of trans people in the Pittsburgh region.

Prototype Workshop Series

5.06K Views6 Comments

Breaking down gendered stereotypes through feminist workshops in making, engineering, self-advocacy, and more.


4.40K Views14 Comments

Enabling self-advocates with disabilities to discuss and share the issues that affect them and their community.

We Speak Soccer

1.74K Views5 Comments

Forging connections between immigrants, refugees, and the greater Pittsburgh community through a mutual love of the game.

Hopewell Vikings Create a World of Difference

7.44K Views10 Comments

Training middle school students to be student leaders dedicated to maintaining a safe, welcoming school environment.

Shattered Glass Podcast

1.69K Views8 Comments

Telling the stories of extraordinary women breaking the glass ceiling.


1.27K Views7 Comments

Sharing youth perspectives about the future of our region with policymakers and organizers.

Circles Zero Six Eight

995 Views16 Comments

Helping ex-offenders rebuild their lives through community, employment, and self-empowerment.

350Pittsburgh Unite100

1.08K Views7 Comments

Uniting climate justice and social justice to build connections and strengthen responses to important issues.

Fighting Fear While Building Bridges

2.01K Views15 Comments

Responding to fear with education and awareness to help immigrants know and exercise their rights and responsibilities.